Sauté Your Way™ features classic, world-inspired sauce flavors paired perfectly with America's favorite shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico to create a new meal solution that offers restaurant quality sauces developed by Chef Paul Prudhomme™ and his Magic Seasoning Blends™.

One option is the Gulf Shrimp with Roasted Garlic Sauce, inspired by New Orleans’ classic “barbecued shrimp.” The Pacific Rim-inspired Asian Soywabi Sauce is another choice featuring the flavors of ginger, soy and wasabi in perfect partnership with sizzling shrimp. There is also the tropical and aromatic Key Largo Lemon and Dill Sauce that includes lemon as well as apple juice, chopped dill and caramelized onions. Each dish can be served as is or modified (suggestions included) to suit the individual taste and creativity of the home chef. Serve over rice, pasta or vegetables, not supplied. Each pack will include serving suggestions and other tips. Consumers can add their own inspiration by including chopped fresh red or yellow bell peppers, raisins, pineapple chunks, white wine, or fresh dill.